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                  GENERAL DESCRIPTION

                  The SGM8061 (single), SGM8062 (dual) and SGM8063 (single with shutdown) are rail-to-rail output voltage feedback amplifiers offering ease of use and low cost. They have bandwidth and slew rate typically found in current feedback amplifiers. All have a wide input common mode voltage range and output voltage swing, making them easy to use on single supply as low as 2.5V.

                  Despite being low cost, the SGM8061 series provide excellent overall performance. They offer 500MHz (G = +1) wide bandwidth, and 130MHz (G = +1) bandwidth along with 0.1dB flatness. They offer a typical low power of 8.2mA/amplifier.

                  The SGM8061 series have low distortion and fast settling time, making them ideal for buffering high speed A/D or D/A converters. The SGM8063 has a power-down disable feature that reduces the supply current to 75μA. These features make the SGM8063 ideal for portable and battery-powered applications where size and power are critical.

                  The single SGM8061 is available in Green SOT-23-5 and SOIC-8 packages. The dual SGM8062 is available in Green SOIC-8 and MSOP-8 packages. The single with shutdown SGM8063 is available in Green SOT-23-6 and SOIC-8 packages. They are specified over the extended -40to +125 temperature range.

                  PIN CONFIGURATIONS


                  • Low Cost

                  • Rail-to-Rail Output

                  • Input Offset Voltage: 8mV (MAX)

                  • High Speed:

                    500MHz, -3dB Bandwidth (G = +1)

                    420V/μs, Slew Rate

                    16ns Settling Time to 0.1% with 2V Step

                  • Supply Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V

                  • Input Voltage Range: -0.2V to 3.8V with VS = 5V

                  • Excellent Video Specs (RL = 150Ω, G = +2):

                    Gain Flatness: 0.1dB to 80MHz

                    Diff Gain: 0.015%, Diff Phase: 0.05 Degree

                  • Low Supply Current: 8.2mA (TYP)

                  • -40 to +125 Operating Temperature Range

                  • Available in Green SOT-23-5 and SOIC-8 Packages



                  Photodiode Preamp

                  Professional Video and Camera

                  Hand Set


                  Base Station


                  A-to-D Driver

                  ORDERING INFORMATION
                  Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
                  SGM8061XN5/TRProductionSOT-23-55Y-40℃ to +125℃Samples
                  SGM8061XS/TRProductionSOIC-88Y-40℃ to +125℃Samples