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                  Ultra Small, Low Input Voltage, Low RON Load Switch
                  Ultra Small, Low Input Voltage, Low RON Load Switch
                  GENERAL DESCRIPTION

                  The SGM2578 is an ultra small, low RON load switch with controlled turn on. The device contains an N-channel MOSFET that operates over an input voltage range of 1V to 5V. The switch is controlled by EN pin, which is capable of interfacing directly with low voltage control signals.

                  SGM2578 device limits the output current to a safe level by using a constant current mode when the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold. An internal reverse voltage comparator disables the power switch when the output voltage is driven higher than the input to protect devices on the input side of the switch.

                  The SGM2578 is available in a Green WLCSP-0.9×0.9-4B package and operates over a temperature range of -40 to +85.

                  PIN CONFIGURATIONS


                  • Low Input Voltage: 1V to 5V

                  • Ultra Low On-State Resistance (RON)

                      RON = 54mΩ at VIN = 5.0V

                      RON = 54mΩ at VIN = 3.6V

                      RON = 58mΩ at VIN = 2.5V

                      RON = 74mΩ at VIN = 1.8V

                      RON = 84mΩ at VIN = 1.2V

                      RON = 84mΩ at VIN = 1.0V

                  • 1A Maximum Continuous Switch Current

                  • Quiescent Current: 5μA (TYP)

                  • Shutdown Current: < 1.5μA

                  • Low Control Input Thresholds Enable Use of Low-Voltage Logic

                  • Controlled Slew Rate to Avoid Inrush Currents

                  • Quick Output Discharge (QOD)

                  • Evaluated to IEC 60950-1, Ed 2, Am1, Annex CC, Test Program 1 with CB Report

                  • Available in a Green WLCSP-0.9×0.9-4B Package


                  Battery Powered Equipment

                  Portable Industrial Equipment

                  Portable Medical Equipment

                  Portable Media Players

                  Point of Sales Terminal

                  GPS Devices

                  ORDERING INFORMATION
                  Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
                  SGM2578YG/TRProductionWLCSP-0.9×0.9-4B4Y-40℃ to +85℃Samples