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                  Low-Power, SC70/SOT μP Reset Circuit with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset Timeout Delay
                  Low-Power, SC70/SOT μP Reset Circuit with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset Timeout Delay
                  GENERAL DESCRIPTION

                  The SGM802 low-power micro-processor supervisor circuit monitors system voltages from 1.6V to 5V. This device performs a single function: it asserts a reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage falls below its reset threshold. The reset output remains asserted for the reset timeout period after VCC rises above the reset threshold. The reset timeout is externally set by a capacitor to provide more flexibility.

                  The SGM802 has an active-high, push-pull reset output. It is available in Green SC70-4 (R) and SOT-143 packages. The SGM802 is specified over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +85.

                  PIN CONFIGURATIONS


                  • Monitor System Voltages from 1.6V to 5V

                  • Capacitor-Adjustable Reset Timeout Period

                  • Low Quiescent Current: (3μA TYP)

                  • Push-Pull RESET Output Option

                  • Guaranteed RESET Valid to VCC = 1V

                  • Immune to Short VCC Transients

                  • Available in Green SC70-4 (R) and SOT-143 Packages


                  Portable Equipment
                  Battery-Powered Computers/Controllers
                  Medical Equipment
                  Intelligent Instruments
                  Embedded Controllers
                  Critical μP Monitoring
                  Set-Top Boxes

                  ORDERING INFORMATION
                  Part NumberStatusPackagePinsPb-FreeTemp Range
                  SGM802-1.63YKA4G/TRProductionSOT-1434Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.32YKA4G/TRProductionSOT-1434Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.63YKA4G/TRProductionSOT-1434Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.93YKA4G/TRProductionSOT-1434Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-1.63YC4G/TRProductionSC70-4 (R)4Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.32YC4G/TRProductionSC70-4 (R)4Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.63YC4G/TRProductionSC70-4 (R)4Y-40℃ to +85℃
                  SGM802-2.93YC4G/TRProductionSC70-4 (R)4Y-40℃ to +85℃